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Unforgettable Music

As I explore the nooks and crannies of my Spotify account, I hope something unforgettable finds your ears.

I Pop Up In Other Places

Memory Log

I’ve spent a lot of time at work this summer. I work the closing shift, so consistently I’m going to bed when the clock says “AM” and waking up when calling it morning would be a stretch. One such morning however, I found myself awake when the term morning was still in season; 7 AM.

The world is different at 7 AM.

The sun poured in through my bedroom shutters, welcoming me into a moment I hadn’t experienced in a while. Its rays reached out to me as in a young student inviting the outcast to sit at a table he had never thought open to his presence. I woke up early, and had no desire to go back to sleep. For fear of missing out, I left my bedroom to see what lay in wait. My Bible asked to be read, so I read. My stomach asked for eggs, so I made breakfast. I couldn’t get my mind off of a book I’d been tearing through, so Blue Like Jazz entertained my company for an hour.

With peace in my heart and a meal in my belly, I knew exactly what was next. At a recent trip to Wal-Mart the previous day, I bought a carton of dark chocolate almond milk. It settles in my stomach better than dairy does, but more than that, the stuff is absolutely amazing. Leaning against the kitchen counter, alone in my wakefulness on that silent morning, I felt more like a Mayan king than a college student. In that dark chocolate moment, I realized I would remember that glass of almond milk for a long time.

There’s nothing particularly special about dark chocolate almond milk. But the moment I spent drinking that glass was unforgettable. As odd as it may sound, as I drank that glass, I forgot about the future. The things that make me anxious, the milestones that await, everything I think about in bed. They didn’t matter quite as much as the glass I was drinking, there in the kitchen with God in the room.

That moment inspired me to record what I can only call the “unforgettables”, but it didn’t inspire me to seek them out. I think we were born with an appreciation for them. The things that you find in silence, or in the presence of friends. I’m going to keep seeking them out.

Here’s to finding the unforgettables.

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